For The First Time

It was near the end of the shoot for us. As I recall it now, I can't remember whether it was the actual end or whether there were a couple of other pickup shots the rest of the guys were doing. At that time, I was more concerned with making sure everything was cleaned up and properly packed in the right cases.

As I walked over towards all the equipment, I noticed an attractive girl sitting down near the stuff. I wondered who she was, whether she was a part of the crew helping us to make the film, or just a passerby sitting down. The former is not likely, simply because…well, I produced the whole damn thing, didn’t I? I had made it a point to know of those who had agreed to be a part of the production, and it is very unbecoming of me to not know who is on my set. Not all that impossible, though; some outside help could have been called for, but I wasn’t going to let a girl, however attractive she may be, to go unknown on my set.

The latter? The latter is not all that unlikely; the shoot had coincided with a performance by the dance club, and thus a lot of people were going to and fro between the car park and the venue.

The lucky thing for us was that our shoot had taken place primarily when the performance itself was in session, so we didn’t have that much interference from the crowd. Any shoot will always attract some sort of crowd, betraying in some the curiosity and interest that many have when it comes to witnessing how things are done behind the scenes, whether that is the latest studio film or a simple short film by a bunch of students.

Of course, any kind of shoot also attract with it some sense of schedule. We were only given permission to shoot until a certain time, and now that the deadline has been exceeded, I did not wish to trample further on the goodwill granted to us.

Which leads us back to here. Now. The present that is the past. A moment that would become momentous in the future, one that, as it turned out, could have happened earlier in the past, but the present moment is all we have. These are the kinds of moments you do not know of then, but cast with the benefit of hindsight, turn out to be arguably some of the most important of them all.

I extended my hand, and introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Fikri.”

She looked up, saw my hand, and reached for it in response. “I’m Anisa.”

*Picture taken by kata:warna.


Azura said…
heee ur so sweet en fikri..
May ALLAH bless both of you..
Selamat pengantin baru..
Semoga bahagia.. ;)
Fikri said…
Thanks, Zara. :)