Chocolate Marshmellow

A sip.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Inevitably, the walls close in. The pressures increase. The noise is cranked up more than just a notch. It calls out to you, pushing you, pulling you.

All the while, it says: cave in. Give it up. Let it go.

This is the part where you turn a blind eye, almost. Nothing can be ignored, certainly not for as long as we wanted to, but surely, space can be created for ourselves.

We close our eyes. We breathe in…and out. In…and out. Ten seconds. Then we open our eyes.

The world is still here. We are still here. Nothing changes, of course. We still have to do what we have to. Step by step, one by one, we’ll get there.

But first, a sip, and a cup. Chocolate marshmallow. Time to get into that space.

No point caving in, now...