A Love Letter

Do you know how you make me feel?

Every time I see you, the feelings I get makes me freeze for a moment, makes me hold my breath for a short while, even though I wasn’t the one doing the holding. The moment, time, the world, had stopped.

In the seconds when time becomes immemorial, I am reminded ever more of the memorable things I never truly forget. These are the things that keeps me going, the memories I fall into like beds of roses I could wallow in until…until the next time we meet.

My God, you’re beautiful.

Then time moved on, and so do we. The moment lasted maybe just a second, but whatever is in the moment, it lingers into the reality. The moment shared transcended everything else, but...

Then you smile. A smile that have doubtless broken hearts of others, including mine, behind the smile lies what only you and I know. Our eyes meet, and within a single second, the past, the present, and the future merged, sharing everything you and I ever want to say to each other.

You come closer. Perhaps we hug. Perhaps we acknowledge each other with a single nod. Maybe a handshake is in order. Just as likely, you’ll walk past. Inevitably, the closer you come, I brace myself for the beauty that is you.

I take in a deep breath, one I have prepared for. Ah, the smell. Your smell. The perfume, your hair. I close my eyes; that moment again.

We look back at one another. We see each other, eye to eye, heart to heart. I yearn for your touch, your smile, you, the second our attentions switch.

But the moment lingers. My God, you're beautiful, and the feeling remains, the memory I treasure…until the next time.