Galaxy: The Sixth Sense

Kye woke up, sitting erect in his bed, sweat almost dripping from his forehead. The shock had not worn off, not just yet, his heart beating a million miles a minute. It took a moment for him to come to his senses, and realised that his lips are quivering. It took him another to compose himself down, before he was able to quieten them down. They resisted, initially, but eventually he managed to firm his lips.

He swung his legs out of his bed, sweat beads dropping from his forehead. He realised, sweaty he was. He wiped it with the back of his hand, the side you're supposed to know so well, even if you're not actually sure what it is that you know. And sometimes what it is that you may never be enough. He stood up, and walked to towards the big window, sliding it open and stepping out gingerly unto the veranda.

Kida, despite being roused by his movements, didn't let on that she is awake. She observed him, looking on in silence, almost like a panther waiting in the darkness. But he is no prey, certainly not for Kida. If anything, he is a prey of himself, a target for his own mind, body and soul to aim at. There will come a day when he will die, and at his funeral, they will eulogise of him and his perfectionist traits. Not one of them will know that it is borne of his streak of extreme self-criticism. No one, except for Kida. No man looks in the mirror more than Kye, to look and seek for the truths and reasons that lies within.

For it is exactly the sleeping dogs that preturbed him. Kye leans over the railings, looking on at the night traffic fly by. They're so close that he could almost reach out and touch them. In fact, he could, if it wasn't for the protection shield that bubbles them in safety and silence from the cacophony of sounds and noises of life outside.

Life outside. These are not matters that concerns him not. For deep within him, a burning question remains. In truth, it is not a question, but more of a statement: I dream of dead people. And I don't know why. The truth, though lacking the symbol of a question, led merely to more questions.

He was going down on the escalator. It was at the BV, which is the most ironic of things, since he has no use for malls. He hates people, he hates the crowds, and none more so than those who turn up to do nothing more than walk around in circles, looking at things that they will never buy. That, and he also hates the people who walk there actually buying things, the rich upper class predators who siphon the money from public reserves, before using them to buy expensive gifts like Earth-gold necklaces and watches made from the Nualnian mines that do nothing more than glow in the dark. He had always hated the upper class, and its not just because he's not a part of it.

He was at the BV, going down on the escalator, and he saw the two of them going up, in the opposite direction, right next to him. He did not see them at first. He knows Dallas well. They had been together at the academy; Kye always scored near the top, but Dallas was never far behind. His charms carried him through more than Kye's ever did, but somehow they got on well. Dallas was never blessed with money, either.

So why was he there?

Why was he on the escalator, going up, leading up to the point of almost insane, bright, mind-blinding whiteness of heaven?

Why was there such fury in his eyes as he leaned over to Kye?

Why did he say, "You'll be the death of me, Kye Toran," in a way that belies that very furious fire? It was calm, and to the point, without a hint of malice. To the point of piercing his heart with his own malice, his own poison, banging the gavel down and saying, "Yes, I am guilty. I will indeed be the death of you."

His hands gripped the railings, squeezing them tightly with all his might. He looked straight on, at the blue Airtune V3 almost crashing into another; a hovercar accident at this time of night wouldn't be out of place. He looked straight at it, but he doesn't see it.

What he did see, at the moment, is Kida hanging on Dallas's arm, like there's no tomorrow.

He turned to see her, as she looked at him. A million other questions floated in his mind and heart, but for now...

...for now, he will let sleeping dogs lie.

He let go of the railing, and went back in.

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