Birthday Cake


Chan-wook is already sitting down comfortably in his own bed, twisting the newspapers between his own fingers. He rolls back and forth, without a care in the world.

Ji-sung enters, bringing his guitar with him. He sits down on the floor, in front of Chan-wook. Chan-wook stops his moments of self-actualisation upon realising that his brother is already there. He focuses, smiling his silly grin, in great expecations.

Ji-sung position his guitar, and starts to pluck it softly, looking for the right tuning. This simple movements caused Chan-wook to giggle. Ji-sung looks at him, somewhat perplexed, but pleasantly surprised. Simplicity is key. Less is more.

Satisfied with the tuning, he stiffens his body, looks at Chan-wook, and starts to play 'Rasa Sayang.'

Halfway through the song, Chan-wook reaches out to Ji-sung, his palms wide open, fingers stretched. He wants to do the high-five with him. Ji-sung, realising what his brother is doing, shuts his eyes, basking in the eternal warmth that envelopes him right at that very moment. The moment is momentary, but its glow will last. Then he continues.

When he finishes, there is a round of applause from the doorway. Ji-sung turns to see SEUNG-WON (36) standing at the door. She is tall, slender, and experienced; though rugged by life on the outside, her eyes smiles a glimmer of hope and happiness.


*For Abs.


rasa sayang :)