Vicky Cristina Seoul

Our lead actress, Cherish Maningat Ramirez, wants to go home...

The director of photography and co-director, Veknesuaran Thiagarajan (or Vicky for short), handles the Steadicam with aplomb.

How many people does it take to get a single shot? The answer's four (note the boom mic)

Me, Vicky and Im Sophea, the sound recorder, checks the shot to make sure our shadows and whatnot does appear. Navigating the shadows proved to be more difficult than previously thought...

Kharag Penpa: the lost Tibetan cowboy in Seoul.

Making sure that we covered all the shots we wanted...

One of the money shots in the film; at least the camera wasn't dropped this time...

Starring Cherish Maningat Ramirez and Lee Su-hyun.
Directed and photographed by Veknesuaran Thiagarajan.
Co-directed by Fikri Jermadi.
Written by Fikri Jermadi and Veknesuaran Thiagarajan.
Edited by Adi Iskandar and Veknesuaran Thiagarajan.
Sound design by Im Sophea.
Art direction by Shirley Wong.
Lighting direction by Maz Irwan.
Produced by Veknesuaran Thiagarajan and Jeong Searl-gi.