50 Million Dollars

What would you do with 50 million dollars?

It certainly is something that is worth thinking about, no?

Perhaps it could be further defined; after all, 50 million, within the current economic climate, is not something that is too much to shout about. People have felt the pinch with a bigger bank balance than that; car companies have applied for bankruptcy with ten times the amount still in the bank and aid; and if current estimates and rumours turns out to be true, it would not even buy you one half of an Italian-based Brazilian footballer.

Nevertheless, despite the obvious craziness of the situations mentioned above, it is still quite a lot. Even removing the actual economic realities makes for a telling pointer. People still, as a marker, consider the million dollar point to be one where dreams can come true. Even if the actual value of it doesn't hold up in the real world, it still remains the goal. This is especially true, even now in the time and space of $300million movies.

And that's just one million.

What would you do with fifty?

How would your world change with fifty million dollars? Let's not think of the now, for the present is too tempting. The future, it is, we're talking about. Or rather, I am. After all, we all spend all our time working our asses off, and why? For money? Money, of course, is the simplest of answers. It is, the most immediate and the most present. We can touch it, feel it, show it, and use it as a measure to see how far we have come.

For me, however, it's more of a measure of how much more I have to go. I am not directly interested in the present, I always think of the future. For that matter, I am not interested in money itself; rather, I want the happiness, ease and accessibility that comes with money. I do not doubt that this is unoriginal, for many of us feel the same way.

In other words, I am interested in what money can do for me. And not just for me. My future will hopefully include a wife and a couple of kids, at least.

Fifty million dollars would do that. It would secure not just my future, a future I am willing to fight for along the same currency rates and bank balance, but the future of my offspring, my offspring's offsprings...hell, spent wisely, it might even provide for generations of different branches of my family.

With one simple yes, fifty million dollars could kick start my family, and lift it to the next level, and beyond, and stay there for a long, long time.

Fifty million dollars.

Something worth thinking about, yes?