The One With F.R.I.E.N.D.S

They say that laughter is always the best of medicines. I've never really disputed it that much; perhaps it won't cure all of the ailments in the world, but there is a certain sense of comfort and enjoyment that one finds in laughter.

I'm always a firm believer in momentarily releases of pain. What I mean by this is that sometimes, in so many situations, perhaps the answer that we seek is not one that cannot be found in that instant, or one that requires a lot of perspiration; rather, its inspiration can come simply after having refreshed ourselves. We take a break, a breather, a moment to just stand back, and look at the bigger picture.

It is one thing that is certainly preached by many filmmakers and scriptwriters that I have come across. Always take a seat back. Stand up, and move away. Leave the script for a day, a week, a month. Let it ferment, let it grow, let it be.

For it is in that break from the continuous pleasure that we call work, that we can recharge ourselves just a little bit. In the context of scriptwriting, perhaps a fresher set of eyes can give a new perspective, a new point of view.

But I digress...slightly. In laughter, in comedy, and in smiling, we find a momentary pleasure that releases us from the grip of the moment. For the moment that we are laughing, we're no longer thinking of tax issues, of politics, of life, and of love itself; we're, feeling the humour of the moment creeping up and sweeping us away in its wave of happiness, of joy, and of the pleasant accompaniment by others.

It is, just so you know, a part of the reason why I never really minded the laughter being directed at me. So long as there is an absence of malice.

It is also the reason why the hit TV show 'Friends' have been a big part of my life up until now. The jokes, of course, are funny and tickles the funny bones almost every time. Throughout the years, I realise that slowly, having watched almost all of the episodes, I am able to recall almost every line the way I had stored it in my memory. This is not something new; I am able to do this with other parts of my life as well. Nevertheless, with 'Friends', it is a little different.

I am smiling, not just because of the jokes, but also because of the memories of crowding around the TV set with my family as the jokes are played out. I am laughing, not just because of Joey and Chandler's chemistry, but also because of the memories of yesteryears that they inspire within me.

They bring back the past, somehow. But in a good way.

'Friends', then, is like a comfort blanket that doesn't really grow old, doesn't become stale, doesn't waste away like the memories of other things, of other people.

It's just...there. Joking, laughing, and smiling.

And at a time when you need to just take a step back, to relax, and to has always been there for me, whether the rain is falling or otherwise.

Happy times.


I miss watching friends! together, especially. =)
surrexia said…
Friends and The Simpsons! We'd have Friends and Simpsons marathon almost ALL THE TIME hahaha. I still watch Friends, which you both already knew. I find comfort in watching it. Makes me feel safe somehow. Yeah it must be the part of remembering the good old days. But honestly, Friends is the best TV Show ever!
Fikri said…
Innit, mah sistaz! Ya get me!