Live, and Let Die

Let us not be swayed by the masses of the crowd,
by the inviolate nature of the beast,
The construct of the beast, the overarching influence,
The invading fear,

Let us choose for the right reasons,
for the reasons that is of our own thought,
our own making,
of us.

Let us be the masters of our own destiny, and set the course for glory,
For when the time comes, glory will indeed by within us,
We are our own lords, winners of our own circles,
Thus, let us make our own minds, and not be subservient to others,

For the ones who will taste the blood and the gory, the milk and the glory,
will be us.
Find, then, that one part of our soul ready to stand tall,
Wanting to stand tall, to fight with all its might,

But is not given the space, nor the time, nor the support to do so,
Its past has held it down, hammered down by inconfidence,
Held down by helplessness, the reasons of others.

One day, we shall stand before our makers, bathed in the light of judgment,
and we shall be asked, To whom did you consider when you decided?
To whom did you emulate when you balled your fist?
To whom did you bow down to when the time came for you to choose?

And yet you stand here before me, aiming the flame at others!
The decision, the choice, the fame, the downfall, is yours!
and yours alone!

Let not others come into your domain, sit in your chair, swivel around, and drink your wine,
Let not others remove you from your chamber, throw you out into the streets, naked and innocent,
Let not others bring down upon you their hammer of indecision!
Let no one take charge, but you and you alone!

We live and die by the decisions we make,
If we win, if we are indeed victorious, then let us rise and shout with joy, driven by the knowledge that we had made good.
But if we fail, if we are to fall upon the sword, before we can taste the sweet champagne of life on the podium,
then let us lie on our deathbed in comfort, knowing that we had given every ounce of what is possible.

Knowing, that what we had made,
we made because of us.