When Saturday Comes

"It was his tahlil," she messaged me, telling me that she had just left the prayer ceremony performed for the dead, "so I'm still a little shaken."

The dead in question is not someone particularly close to me. In fact, truth be told, I have met Firdhaus Othman only a few times at the most. He did strike me as a fun-loving guy, but his impact on my life is more to do with those who are close to me. His early departure remains a shock to me (we are, if I am not mistaken, of the same age), but it left an even bigger hole in the lives of those who are close to me.

And now, I can't help but think of him whenever I hear this song by Josh Woodward. I would like to share it not only with those who mourn Firdie's death, but also those who have lost others close to them.

Rest in peace, Firdie.

*You can download the song for free here.