Take That, Det!

From: Mr A.
To: Fikri Jermadi, Mr B.

Dear all,

McDonald's and Starbucks have today announced that they will be donating all profits from now until Sunday to Israel war. Also, the producers of Adam Sandler's new movie Bed Time Stories will be donating their profits to Israel . Be informed, and let others know not to contribute and refuse to support these monsters that believe in killing innocent civilians. Boycott McDonald's and Starbucks. Also don't take your kids to see a movie that promotes violence by association. Together we can make a difference! Please pass this email to as many people as you know.

Thanks Thanks & regards


From: Fikri Jermadi.
To: Mr A, Mr B.

Dude, I have seen nothing official thus far to suggest that McDonald's and/or Starbucks are indeed donating profits to the current strife between Israel and Palestine. They do have Jewish people on board in important positions apparently, who may well contribute their money, but I don't think it's the same thing. I think we should consider these kind of things a bit more before forwarding/following these emails blindly.



From: Mr B.
To: Fikri, Mr A.

Salam Fikri n all,

I would suggest you guys to take a look at links here and here where researches have been conducted and those listed companies are linked to Israeli military aggression project both directly and indirectly.
Arsenal club for instance, has been included into the list merely of the club's deal with Israel government to promote their tourism sector. That is a bad news for Arsenal supporters like me..

Yet we have a choice (at least) by not letting our penny goes into their genocide fund. Yes, im agree with you that we shouldnt discriminate Jewish people/companies by what is happening in Palestine.
Not all Jews are Zionist. Anyway, boycotting those companies is one way of our little contributions to Palestinian people who are losing their land and life to Israeli.


From: Mr. A.
To: Fikri Jermadi, Mr. B.

Salam buat semua,

I agree that forwarding emails can sometimes be out of impulse, especially when it's something that affects/bothers/upsets us. And, it can be deemed as 'fitna' if the email circulated is untrue, which then leads to the act of conscience turning into a sinful one. Hence, I don't usually forward 99% of the stuff i get, and as all of you may notice this is probably the 2nd one i'm forwarding pertaining to the Palestine-Israel conflict.

While i have not had the luxury of time to do extensive research, I personally do believe that American corporations do have a hand in financially assisting Israel via tax contributions that the US government then hands out to Israel. Though not as blatant as Boeing Corporation or Lockheed Martin who manufacture the planes the Israel Defense Force (IDF) uses in its bombings, the call for a global boycott on American related companies is a collective show of strength that those who oppose Israel, oppose America's clear support for the war. Especially since the US has made it clear via its Senate that it deems Israel's actions as merely defending itself against Hamas.

I felt that it wouldn't be too damaging to send around the email; especially considering the atrocities we've seen in the last few weeks, to get a better consensus if the matter above was true or are plain rumours. While it may be unaccurate that a Big Mac or Strong Skinny Mocha equates to an extra bullet for the IDF, it is also plausible. I've personally given McD's 20 years of business and the benefit of the doubt the whole time, hence I feel why not give the other conspiratory side of the story a chance considering the Palestinian massacre. Pausing on the Samurai burgers and Ice Blended's while getting a clearer picture might be good for the diet as well. Feedback from all of you regarding this matter, whether positive or negative is 'dialu-alukan' as the more facts the better. Plus switching from Starbucks to Gloria Jeans hasn't been that bad ;) As the Aussie's like to say...Ta!


From: Fikri Jermadi.
To: Mr A, Mr B.

Hi all,

Thanks for the links, it was well-worth a look. It does seem rather bad for Starbucks, but if anything else, it backs up what I had myself quickly researched earlier. Their CEO/chairman is a staunch supporter of Israel, but that's no surprise, really. I suppose if we dig deep enough, every person with the surnames of Goldberg, Spielberg, and any other Berg may well have supported the Israel cause. Nevertheless, while the CEO and, to a certain extent, Starbucks are willing to support Israel in one way or another (via fund raisers in the past; not so clear as to whether they're doing one for the current conflict), it doesn't necessarily mean that they're donating their profits, either in part or entirely, as was suggested by the earlier email. The same goes for McDonald's, too. And Bedtime Stories? Which producer? All of them or just one? If it's it the exec producer, who earns percentages of the profits, we would definitely contribute to the Israeli cause if we watch it just the one time. If it's the associate producer, who most probably gets a lump sum instead of a part of the profits, we can watch it a hundred times and it won't matter one bit, since he's not getting any of the revenue/profits. Or is it the Walt Disney company (which is a whole other can of worms)?

I'm not necessarily saying that they aren't supporting the Israel cause, or anything like that. I'm not even saying that we shouldn't boycott them. I just think that these things should be seriously considered first before anything is boycotted or further propagated. If you are indeed satisfied with the information, then by all means...go right ahead. Then we'd have to consider as well: where do we stop? Should I no longer watch anything by Dreamworks, founded by some of the most high-profile, Zion-loving Jews around? Should you stop supporting Arsenal because of the apparent tourism link up? (which in itself is tricky: does it mean you stop watching the matches, or you just don't buy any Arsenal products?). As Mr A pointed out, American taxes can also be used to support the Israeli cause (though it's not as if this link was established yesterday, is it?). Does it mean we should give up our iPods now?

I have to admit that it's the Communication student in me that is really being a pain in the ass here, chasing down sources and checking out whether these claims are really true. I believe that we can do whatever we want, just so long as we do it for the right reasons, rather than a chain mail. Having said that, we appear to have a good bunch of people here in the mail list, all of whom can make up their own mind on these issues. I just hope that others will consider these things properly before taking action. I personally don't think that boycotts have enough of an impact; I'd rather chip in with donation drives or something like that. They did that at a screening of Malaysian short films last Monday, and came up with RM1,000. I think these things can make a bigger and more direct impact, rather than passing on a Prosperity Burger (expensive, but very nice. But the best is still Ramly, of course).

And though it seems like a thorough, well-researched site, it's not exactly going to win points for objectivity, is it? :) But then again, neither would a lot of the other sites out there. But that's the most interesting part of all, that the standard for information can be incredibly fluid: as a friend pointed out in a recent debate on this issue: "It's a scary world out there when people base their decisions on what Google can come up with."