I clicked open a few windows on Youtube, preparing for some background noise as I work. I work better that way, somehow; not for me a truly isolated room, but an amalgamation of windows, inspirations, songs, videos...distractions, in a lot of ways.

I came across this video by Bruno Sammartino, a professional wrestling legend interviewed about a modern-day legend, Kurt Angle. I had known of Bruno through the various books and sources that I have read, and though I respect him as much as the next champion in wrestling history, I never really did make the extra effort to find out more about him. So I played it, and minimised the window, continuing to type away with my script.

Some moments later, I opened the Youtube window again. For some reason, I found myself being mesmerised by his voice, and also by his story. It's probably not for everyone, though. But if you're into professional wrestling, it's worth checking out.

A distraction, certainly. But a pleasant one.