What I've Been Up To

The days spent not blogging seems to stretch further and further into the distance. In truth, I have much to say, but little endeavour at times to do it. Time, of course, is also a factor, but unlike many, I believe that time can be further manipulated to our own ends.

That is to say, if you really, really want to do it...then you'll somehow make the time for it.

There are periods of time, however, that are more important and significant that others. Usually, two weeks can go past without much notice being given. This period is slightly different.

For example, since I last blogged, Manchester United have won the Premiership. To my mind, I still call it the Premiership, rather than the popular (certainly Asian) choice EPL. Cheapens it, somehow.

I also shot a short film, called 'Bound'. It is the film for my semester, and it may well be the best work of my career. I can't say that without quantifying it and mentioning my cinematographer, Tony Wang, and my art director, Shirley Wong, whose contributions to my film truly opened my eyes to the collaborative nature of filmmaking. Not that it wasn't open before, but one things that is certain is this.

To the best of my powers, I will never put the label 'A Fikri Jermadi Film' on any of my films ever again. It is as much the film of my time as it is the product of my imagination.

Environmental disasters throughout the world. Fuck. And double fuck. My friends here from the affected countries have been looking out for updates from the TV news. It makes me wonder what goes through their minds.

Iron Man finally came out. And what a ride it was :) If I was in Malaysia, I'd be lapping up seconds by now. Instead, the relatively high Korean ticket prices (essentially almost RM30 each) makes me hold back for Speed Racer and Indiana Jones instead.

My father has a blog. Not quite something that people will write every day, but like I said, these days are not exactly the most common of days. It is, however, more of an intellectual exercise rather than a daily diary expose of his day-to-day life. It would be equally interesting if he did do that ("Today, my son emailed me from Korea, but still...no calls. What an asshole he is.") :)

Alas, http://mahadijmurat.blogspot.com deals more in films, than in life itself. Which is what I do on my own film blog.


Off now to an exhibition of a friend across the other side of Seoul. He's leaving soon too, going back to Nepal. That'll be another change that won't be pleasing.