True Blue

In English, the word 'blue', in the context of emotions, has depressing or negative connotations. “I'm feeling blue,” is what someone would say when they are not in a really good mood. It is ironic, because the colour blue is my favourite colour, and for the most different of reasons. It inspires me into similar, but different states of emotions. The first of these is that of freedom; the colour blue can relax me by making me think of freedom. A big part of this reason is that my car, back home in Malaysia, is also blue (metallic blue). It is not a fancy car, despite its name (which means 'knight' in English). It is not a new one either, being an 8-years-old car based on even older technology. There are times when some of the technical problems caused me headaches as well.

I feel happy being in the car, and I feel glad having that car around, for it gives me the freedom to move. It gives me freedom from my troubles, freedom from stress, and freedom from depression. It makes feel that I can go anywhere I want. There are times when, with my family having problems, being able to go out of the house is a blessing. More often than not, I would do that, and visit my friends instead.

Furthermore, having the car also means that I do not have to rely on public transport, which can be a nightmare in Malaysia. I might be stuck in traffic jams as a result, but rather than become depressed by it, I am glad for it. It allowed me further time to 'be alone' and take stock of events of the day. Thus, my car afforded me the freedom to also be by myself and recharge. The colour blue, and the car, then, becomes one and the same. I have a good feeling beforehand about the colour blue anyway, but I feel that the car helps to enhance the relaxation that I feel when I see the colour.

The colour also reminds me of the freedom of the sky. On a clear day, I love the feeling of great expanse and freedom. At times, when I am on an aeroplane, I am tempted to become like a bird, to be able to fly and soar as I like above everyone else. Even on the ground, looking up at the clear day above gives me an epic feeling. Sometimes, the white clouds, when contrasted against light blue background, makes me feel very small, but in a good way. I feel awed by the size, and am reminded that there are greater beings than us in the universe. At times, it can be a timely reminder.

Sometimes, however, such reminders aren't enough. The stress of living in the city, of being in the rat race, can be taxing on even the strongest of minds and bodies. Driving around and looking at the sky isn't enough. I've spent my whole life living in big cities that when I do get out of it, there is a sense of completion that I feel. The reminder of wide, open seas by the colour blue reminds me of this sense of completion. I think that it is essential for us to get back to nature once in a while, and the colour blue, as well as green, is very prominent with nature and the environment.

that is the case, I leave the city and take off to the sea. Here, the colour blue can also remind me of the sea. The feeling of being near bodies of water like waterfalls, rivers, lakes and seas also relaxes me. The colour, in reality, is not always clear blue; nevertheless, my mental association is quite strong. When I see a big presentation of blue (like on an advertising board), I am reminded of the big sea, and that thought makes me feel calm and complete.

It should come as no surprise that my room back in my old home in Malaysia is painted blue. As I've outlined, the colour blue inspires many feelings within me. It represents freedom, the ability to move anywhere I want. It presents vastness and size, which puts me in a thoughtful state. Finally, it evokes the feeling of completion that I feel when I am by seas, rivers, and lakes. All these, when combined, illustrates why the colour blue is an important one.

The next time, if someone is asking me whether I'm feeling blue, I certainly hope so.

*An assignment for my 'Image Training' subject.