"Interesting," said Tony, as I wafted my way through the video he shot earlier that day (see previous post). "What is it?" I asked, not really taking my eyes of the screen.

We were in Irwan's room, poring over the small screen that is my laptop. I was editing the video for one of his assignment's, while Irwan, chilled, leaned back in his chair and listened to some of the songs playing softly from his own PC.

"It's very Japanese," he concluded his assessment. In the middle of cutting up Marconi Union's 'Sleepless' to fit the train leaving the station, I stopped, feeling slightly surprised. "Japanese?" was all I could echo at that moment. Had he suggested that my style mirrors that of Christopher Rouse (The Bourne Ultimatum), I would have been happier instead. Of course, the video is nothing like 'The Bourne Ultimatum', but one would nevertheless be less perplexed (and perhaps more pleased) at that than...Japanese.

"Really?" I continued. I showed him the rough cut worked up thus far, and as we both looked at it, I fail to see how Japanese it actually is. Nope, I thought to myself at near the halfway point, nothing like 'Ikiru'.

Nevertheless, he was adamant in that opinion, and even his teacher (who eventually selected it as the best homework video done in his class) repeated the same sentiments.

Must've been all that sushi I've been eating...