Hello world!

The title of this post is the default one for any first post on Wordpress. I have sat here for a while, trying to think of another title.

But why change that which is unbroken?

After all, it is an apt one. Furthermore, in our first post, little more need to be done than to introduce ourselves. We are not filmmakers (at least, not both of us). So the question persists: why are we doing this? Why another film blog?

It was a warm summer’s night in Malaysia, some three years ago (but then again, the nights are usually warm in Malaysia). One can more accurately describe it as early morning, for the revellers of our friend Iqbal’s Raya open house have all but left the building. I am writing about it, as occasion is significant due to the close rapport that I’ve established with Iqbal throughout the night. Getting to the point, it was the first time that I met Fazil.

Dropping right in the middle of the point, we hit it off. We spent the next six hours, until the early morning Azan for Subuh rang out, somewhere around the 5am mark. These six hours were spent with a few others talking about life, love, religion, and…movies. Classic movies. Recent movies. Movies that flopped. Movies that lasted for 6 hours. Malaysian films. Hollywood movies. Just…films and movies.

From that point on, every meet up with Fazil is incomplete without the discussion of the latest, the greatest, and the not-so-great films that we laid eyes on. We talked, discussed, and emailed, until a few weeks ago, inspiration struck.

This leads to the question of why another film blog: on one level, the answer is…why not? Though there are indeed a number of excellent sites out there (as a quick glance to our blogroll confirms), we want an outlet where we ourselves can write about films. I have my ideas about films, and so do Fazil. Perhaps these aren’t exactly the opinions that you might agree with, but they are as informed as they can be.

However, ultimately we are doing this because we are passionate about films. Love the movies. Can’t imagine life without it. I certainly believe that films, when done properly, can lead to better lives. Happier lives. And, I believe, you are here because you, too, are passionate about films. You, too, may have ideas and opinions about films. Malaysian films. Hollywood films.


So I’ll sign off the first post by saying…hello you!

Hello Korea! Hello Malaysia! Hello Asia!

Hello world!

*The first post written for my new blog, Thoughts on Film. It is a collaboration between me and my friend, Fazil. If you wonder why I haven't been writing here for exactly a month, then wonder no more :)