Villain of the Day: Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman/ The Electoral Commission of Malaysia

Ladies and gentleman, I give you...the leader of the Electoral Commission, the great institution that will conduct free and fair elections that is quite possibly the most important in the history of Malaysia.

This is the man that has worked so hard to ensure that the elections will be as fair as possible, having already implemented such new wonder solutions like transparent boxes and even going to the amount of spending RM2.4 million on indelible ink, which was supposed to be used to avoid multiple votes from the same person.

Unfortunately, there are some evil groups out there who had puchased the same ink, which means that now they can be used falsely mark people, thus denying them the right to vote. Shame on them!

So now he has no choice but to get rid of the ink through barter trade, effectively flushing down RM2.4 million. He could have asked the police to actually do their job, but we know that now is not a good time to ask the police. After all, they're all busy preparing for the elections. We can't distract them from the duty of ensuring that the freest and fairest of all the elections will be held.

So how? No choice lah.

It's also not his fault that he overlooked the fact that indelible ink is not legal for elections. Never he had half a year to check on that small fact; after all, if it's illegal, shouldn't the opposition have spotted it before? They have their team of crack lawyers (and some lawyers on crack), so they should have spotted it before, innit?

And here's a brilliant link to a brilliant interview of the great Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. Woo!

*Of course, I'm being sarcastic. Forming my opinion from the facts that I know, and including what I know of the man and what he has said, men like Rashid is flushing my country down the drain and getting away with daylight robbery. I welcome the chance to enlighten myself, and so if anyone has anything to prove me wrong...just bring it.


Shannon said…
Hey, I was just wondering, when was that interview given? Did it contain the same info you summarized in this blog post?
I'd kind of like to read it, for some research I'm doing.