The Church

The thought, expression of that thought, dominates the minds of many. It saturates the media, runs the rule through the planes of realities that exist.

Muslims are terrorists.

Or, at the very least, extremists.

I won't sit here and deny that there are a few idiots out there. More than a few, it has to be said, armed with AK-47s and what have you. These are the idiots that are so good at doing blow jobs (see what I did here) that they do it on everything from buildings, cars, embassies, even themselves.

These people are idiots. Looking at it another way, I suppose being driven to the edge of sanity and existence would make a man do anything. After all, for the most part, it is a reaction to the social structure that surrounds them, so to generalise by calling them idiots may not be that great an idea either.

But they're stupid, darn idiots who misuse religion to further their own ends.

Unfortunately, there are those of the same ilk, people who aren't idiots, who gets tagged along for the ride. Muslims that are fair minded and rational gets tagged along as extremists, as freedom fighters, as terrorists, as whatever, courtesy of the media, and even people on the ground.

But why aren't Christians tagged along the same way?

Granted, I've yet to hear of Christians blowing up embassies in the name of Jesus Christ. But on the ground level, on an everyday basis, I see far more examples Christians who take their ideologies to an extreme. I have read of people who have had difficulties converting out of Islam, and even more commentaries about how inflexible Islam can be.

But if you're talking about converts, I personally know of how much more active Christians can be in trying to convert others. Trust me, I've had Christians trying to convert me at least three times in my life (once while I was even filming a short film, believe it or not). They offer incentives and money along with salvation and a few dollops of the holy water on my forehead.

Of course, each time, I politely refuse. And each time, I walk away feeling amazed that that is not considered extreme by others. "A few blown embassies, and I'm a terrorist," I thought to myself as the two old Korean men walked further into the distance, leaving me and my camera behind. "This shit goes on, and no one bats an eyelid. Is this not as extreme, trying to twist others into your own religion with money?"

And then there is God. Or, in Christian terms, "God has spoken to me." Christians pray, and believe, and have the faith, and that's actually great. I do see a stronger hold on religion amongst some of my Christian friends. I myself should not be lecturing others on the hold on religion, since my own isn't a particularly strong one.

But really...I do think the line should be drawn somewhere before you talk to God and then break up with your girlfriend. "Because God told me to." (A true case, by the way. I couldn't believe it when my friend told me about it.)

It does reach ridiculous proportions, but there are other examples that I've heard of, but couldn't really corroborate. I couldn't find the truth, the evidence, the samples or the anecdotes that would, in my mind, validate them. I suppose it's still the Communication student in me, wanting to validate everything.

But these are the things that I know, for a fact, that do go on. Christians, as much as Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jews, amongst others, can be just as stupid. Just as extreme, just as idiotic.

So when they do become idiots, let's call them for what it's worth. Let's call the idiots idiots, and leave the rest out of it.


Nathaniel Soo said…
Well, I know for a fact that most (if not all) Christians ARE dickheads... And that's putting it very mildly.

That also includes me in the bargain. :D

Personally, I believe it's wrong to stereotype people of a particular social class (be it race, religion or your choice of sauce to go with your burger). End of the day, no matter which religion you profess, your choice for a presidential candidate or which bimbo deserves the Miss Universe crown...

You're still a dickhead.
Fikri said…
But stereotyping is so easy, man! Life is difficult already as it is, why not just try and make it easier? Since I'm Malay, I'm lazy to think harder than that..