Will of God


The very reason, I believe, that we are here to begin with. No doubt many would feel the same way, just as there are just as many who would not believe in God's existence. Nevertheless, whether or not one believes in it, God plays an important role in your life.

As much as it is a nice, even romantic choice that you and you alone determine the path that your life takes, the truth is not as easy that. As tempting as it is to believe that it is your will, your determination and your passion alone that can move mountains, the role of others come into play as well.

As hard as you can study for your exams, the final marks are ultimately metered out by the examiners. As well as you can prepare for that job interview, the choice lies in the hands of the three-people panel who interrogate you, dissect you, take you to pieces before putting it all together again and sleeping on the final decision for days, if not weeks.

Nay, unfortunately for you and me, the only thing that we can do is to believe that we have done our best and let the role of others be played, hopefully in a fair way.

So where does God fit into all this?

Well, the simple answer is everything. After all, like I said, God gave life to you, me, and everything else (or so I believe). But at times, God irks me.

Rather, it is the people who use God as a reason, as a justification, as an excuse, that irks me. Quite frankly, ends justifies means for many, and God is used as the bridge between announcement, execution, and consequence.

Which leads to the point of this post: that of leaving things in the hands of God. When things go well, God is the reason. When things don't work out, God is also the reason. I guess I should be the first to say that this is fine. Stopping there, however, stopping at God and God alone, leads nowhere.

You see, I also believe that God gave us free will. The will to seek out that which we desire. We are also given (generally): arms, legs, a relatively fit body, and a brain to work things out for ourselves. We should use these to the best of our abilities to do that which we want.

But I see a lot of people around me who do not do that. Who sit around, waiting, praying, and begging for things to be laid out on a silver platter. I see those who do not haul their ass off the ground and sweat it all out to make it work.

And I see these people saying, "Ah well, it is not God's will."

It is these people that irks me. I shan't mention names, but we, as able-minded and generally able-bodied people, you and I (otherwise you might not be reading this blog), have a duty, a responsibility, to do what we do to the very best that we can. Like I said, if this were all the factors needed for success, then I won't be writing this blog. I'd be living it up large in my penthouse apartment in the middle of town.


The point is, in everything that we do, we do the best we can. God gave us free will. He may know what will happen in the end, but we still ought to believe that we can have an influence in the outcome. That we can make a difference. Thus, we give it all we've got. The rest is up to other people.

And...well, God.