Time Upon A 'Once'

is a movie written and directed by John Carney. It stars Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, and is set in Dublin, Ireland.

The story follows a guy (Hansard) who works as a hoover repairman, and busks to make extra money on the side. One day, he meets a girl (Irglova), a Czech immigrant who does odd jobs to make ends meet, but plays the piano whenever she can. Spending more time together, they write songs, telling of their respective love story, and the love story that never was.

Now why am I writing about it? I watch a lot of movies; mostly legally, some not. I enjoy most of them, and can appreciate the aesthetics of those that I don't.

But few are as earnest as Once. Few made me feel like I want to come online, blog about it, and explain why is it that I find it incredibly moving.

Except that I can't, because...well, sometimes the words required fail to properly express that which is within. I am struck by its sincerity, I am inspired by its simplicity, I am driven by its heart, but beyond that...

...beyond that, it is simply a movie that you have to watch. For perhaps it will inspire you and make you feel in the same way. Perhaps you, too, will see the beauty of the film.

And in turn, see the beauty in the most simple and most ordinary of your life itself.