Check Out

Is she looking at me?

The thought came to mind, flashing through for an instant, flashing the alarm. I thought I caught a glance there, a little flick of her eyes, in my direction. Perhaps I did, but only in that instant.

Maybe she is looking towards me, rather than at me.

I quickly glanced behind me, to see if there is anyone there. I turned my head back, and see her deep in conversation with her friend once more.

Maybe it's just my imagination. A calling of the heart that overruled the mind, and making me see what I want to see, rather than what actually is.

I glanced back down at my book, wondering what it meant but trying to put it to bed at the same time.

So what if she's checking you out? What're you gonna do about it, anyway? Like you have the guts to ask her out.

Yet, within a few moments, I felt the sudden need to look up. This I did, and...

There it is again!