Kit Kat

It peeked its eyes up at me, hopefully. A soft meow escaped from its mouth, before it quickly shifted its attention elsewhere.

"What are we going to do with it?" I asked Desmond.

We're sitting in the living room, the TV, having been watched by us, now watching us with its roles reversed. 'The Condemned', a movie we bought starring Stone Cold Steve Austin, lost out to the little kitten now known as Ashley.

"I don't know," came the answer. He had picked up the kitten left in a box by the side of the road. It is a cute little creature, one that is easily amused by the simplest of things, and the shortest of strings and digits.

It is a position that we have been in; the desire to take care of something so small and fragile no doubt a familiar one. But beyond that, when the moment of actually being responsible comes, it is one that is frightening. Slightly scary, it has to be said.

It need not be. Being responsible is difficult, but there are ways around it, ways to overcome it, just like everything else.

As yet, we have yet to decide whether to keep it or not. Letting it go now, I must admit, is not one option that will comfort me. Short though the time may be, now that it's here in my life...

...a part of me, a big part of me, wants it to stay.

The other part of me thinks of the contract signed with the landlord, one that, if I am not mistaken, calls for pets to not be kept.

Like I said, the barriers in place.

And like I also said, the barriers that can be overcome...somehow.

I looked over to Desmond. "Hey man," I called. He looked over to me. "Damn you, man."

He laughed, at the same time as I did. "Thanks, mate."


lee wei said…
so are you keeping the cat?
Fikri said…
We decided to, but then the cat ran away. Bitch. Spent a decent amount of money on it, too. RM15 for the waste sand, a bit more for cat food...

Sigh. Ashley, where art thou?! :>