We are all mortals. Our bodies, though strong, can't defy time.

One day, we will die.

What matters most is the legacy we leave behind.

Did we become all that we are capable of becoming? Did we make the difference that we came here to make? Did we pursue our dreams when all around us thought we were chasing illusions?

Only those who dare to rise are able to lift themselves above horizons.

Only those bold enough to chase dreams...

...are the ones who catch them.

*From a WWE advert promoting Wrestlemania XX. I leave this year and this thought with you. Happy New Year!


The Cat said…
so phunee. wwf . and dreams. yes, fik, i want to be a wrestler. hee. :P
happy new year, my friend. ill mail you a loooooooong mail by this weekend. promise.
Fikri said…
Finally, TAFKAP (The Aaki Formerly Known As Princess) has left a comment! You certainly owe me a long one :>

And no, it's not WWF. It's WWE now. Duh :>
Anonymous said…
You forgot to add:

"And that's the bottom line, because STONE COLD SAID SO!!!"
Fikri said…
But I do not smell what he is cooking. So how? :>