Hero of the Day: My Half German/Half Japanese Baby

Heroes rarely come in the shape and form in which you expect them to be.

Thus, the hero of today is not quite what you expect it to be. Nor is it for the reasons you expect her to be one, either.

For she has given me companionship through the lonely nights, ever loyal and steadfast in nature. She's easy to turn on, and to slip things into (provided that they're of the right size, of course).

She has lead me to laughter, moved me to tears, driven me to succeed, and mocked me to misery. Yet/Thus, I am inseparable from her, for without her I couldn't write my scripts. Without her, I couldn't edit my videos. In a sense, she is my muse. I have slept with her, cried with her, anguished over the pain she went through when she became ill with an infection.

Once, I had to keep her permanently plugged to the life support machine, for her heart had grown so week. In fact, the situation was drastic enough that I had to arrange for a heart transplant...and conduct the operations myself. I sought the best cures that I could afford, for she is my baby.

My hero.

My life.

I love you.


The Cat said…
Fikri said…
Awh, Aaki. You know you're my Indian Princess. Nothing will change that :>
The Cat said…
alas. im TAFKAP. :( how be you? wugs.
Fikri said…
No, you are TAKAP. You were formerly TAFKAP, but now, situations and circumstances have made you once again...my Indian princess :>

Me be good. You be how? :>