Hero of the Day: Cheesy Studios

Twas reality as we know it: that nothing last forever. For the optimist, all that is bad ends, and for the pessimist, all that is good ends too.

Thus, the pessimist wins this round. With Monash moving to a new campus, Cheesy Studios is no more.

Cheesy Studios (sometimes referred to as Multimedia Lab, or M Lab for short) has been a creative hub of unrivalled success in my young career thus far. Small, at times messy and frustrating (figuring out which wire goes where and which plug to pull without shortcircuiting anything), it has nonetheless been a home away from home, a refuge for those who needs it. During my time there, tears have been shed, laughters have been rang, friends have been made, and ideas have been bounced.

Much of the credit must go to Dr Yeoh Seng Guan, our lecturer at Monash. He was one of the main driving forces for its existence to begin with. And during my time, the likes of me, Eddie, Wilson and especially Meng Yoe formed the core group of people, including me, that drove its continued bloom.

The facilities at the new campus will be that much better. The faculty will have cameras, lights, monitors and computers galore, as well as purpose built studios and editing suites. Students will literally have everything they can ever ask for to start making films. But there will only ever be one Cheesy Studios.

Rest in peace.

Cheesy Studios Filmography
Psycho: The Real Mystery
DVDiary Penang
Psycho 2: Mystery of the Predator
Cambodia for Christ
A Little Paradise: The Koay Jetty Dilemma
Irregular Instances of Madness
The Door
Budding Filmmakers (Radio and TV Journalism subject assignment)
Psycho 3: A Cross Cultural and Intergalactic Mystery
The Wife-less Guitarmen
A Quiet Delight
Police Story, MAN!
Takau 1.5
Operation Test How Keng
The Bookshop
Photo Superman

Transformers: Stop The Alien Glass That Moves
Transformers 2: It's Prime Time
Idiot Nation
Transformers 3: Til All Are One
TK 1.75
Idiot Generation

(source: my memory and Superratty Films)


Meng Yoe said…
on to cheesier days mate

drink up me hearties
Fikri said…
Cheers :>