The Handover


I have finally turned over a new leaf, so to speak. My Blogger account has been moved over to that of its now parent company, Google. That means that every time I sign in, I have to do it using my Google account rather than my Blogger account.

In this case, it proved to be a very minor inconvenience, if at all. The main part of this is that I don't have to sign up for a new account, since I already have a Google account. But it is a trend that is spreading further and wider than just Blogger.

For my photo hosting fun, I use Flickr. For those not in the not, Flickr is now under the ownership of a certain Yahoo! For the time being at least, I am able to log in and upload my pictures using my Flickr account. But soon, very very soon, in order to keep this going, I'll have to log in using my Yahoo! account. Which is all fine and well.

Except that I don't have one.

Now, this is the part where a fair number of people get on their high horses and scooters to advise me on this particular dilemma: just sign up for a Yahoo! account lah! Free wat. A not invalid point, I hasten to add before condeming this further. But the cost of something, provided that I am capable of meeting it, has never been the major consideration for a lot of things that I do.

Even if it is free.

You see, I am perfectly happy with the number of online accounts and/or avatars that I already have. Two email addresses, a blogging account, a photo account, and one or two others that I consider to be essential to my personal and professional interests. In light of all this...I am extremely reluctant to add on more and more.

For the simple reason that I am extremely lazy to do so.

Forgive me for being rather traditional in this sense, but I don't like the idea of signing up for something without using it properly. When I do sign up for something, I'd like to know that I will be using it readily, actively, clicking on it every time I get online. I have deleted other accounts that I used to have for the simple reason that it is no longer active for me.

I also dislike the idea of having too much of me online. My personal information (though generally faked) is still my personal information, and the thought of it (real and/or fake) being available to some party, the concept of using something in exchange for the things that defines me...

...well, I am incredibly uncomfortable with that.

Not sure if any of you guys catch my drift. I feel that somehow I have failed to explain myself properly. In trying to match the words on screen to those that float inside my head and my heart...I feel that I have failed.

Ah well.

At least I go down in a blaze of glory.