Kim Ping Pong

Tuk, tuk, tuk, tuk.

Twas the sound of the ping pong ball as it bounces its way around the table. I am watching Pele and Damon take one each other in a game of ping pong. They have a distinctive style, both of them. Pele has a more chaiyenyen (easy going) approach, while Damon, being the Taiwanese born and bred that he is, displaying more style and panache than the rest of the group put together. Having said that, they're not really playing, just pinging the pong around.

And I'm not really interested in their styles either, for now.

"You know," I turn to my coordinator, Mr Seo, "there's something relaxing about the sound of the ping pong ball going tuk tuk." He merely nodded his agreement.

And as I watch them play, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps they're playing for the sound too.

Tuk tuk.