Lov Actually

Trailer to a short movie made by my good friend Tan Meng Yoe, better known as TMY (though I have a tendency to call him MY). This is the trailer to the final movie he'll make in university.

Back in university, we were the go-to guys for movies and videos. My modesty says that that's probably not very accurate of our actual abilities, but my heart and everything else said that it was a lot of fun to work with him. We had the same classes, similar interests, even conducted a bloody workshop together. That was interesting :>

Throughout the years, he and I have made plenty of movies (mostly stupid, fun types, and mostly by him). We've taken to comparing ourselves to Quentin Tarantino (me) and Robert Rodriguez (him). This stems from a deal that we agreed upon, in which I'll work on his movie for RM1, and he'll work on mine for RM1 (similar to QT working on Sin City for $1 and Robert Rodriguez helping out on Kill Bill for $1).

But despite all of that, he's been far more prolific. While I have my ideas (and do get off my arse to do them sometimes), he gets off his arse all of the time. This results in a huge number of videos, during which I have killed, been killed, tried to kill, been killed again, fell in love, sat on a chair in the background, have a glass bowl smashed over my head, told lame jokes, got my marriage proposal rejected, interviewed, and objectified.

(If you're wondering: The Door, The Door again, Psycho 3, Psycho 3 again, A Quiet Delight, Captivation, Takau 1.5, Irregular Instances of Madness, The Wife-less Guitarmen, Budding Filmmakers, and I Objectify You)

And if it weren't for Shazana, I would've fallen in love again, too. Drats.

And to MY: It's been a good four years, mate. I'll miss seeing 'Superratty Films' pop up on my screens. But this is not the end, for you and I...we are one.

Here's to a better tomorrow.



joanne liyeng said…
lol ur rite, fiks. kepala saya. :P


p/s: bila buat psycho puchong? :p
Fikri said…
When I'm not in Korea lah. Use your head lah.

Oh, hang on, you can't. It's in my blog :>

Superratty@TMY said…
haha. good few years to you too. can't wait till you're back and show me your stuff.

and i'll think of something that will have yuo killed and resurrected k.
Fikri said…
I wanna fall in love again. :>
Anonymous said…
Wow...so I do have power over TMY, I mean...effective persuasion techniques...hehe..:)
Anonymous said…
Heya Fikri.

Been awhile since I popped by. Show me some of ur film stuff some time too lah... eheh... ;)

& when ARE you gonna be back, by the way?
Fikri said…
To Shazzy: Yeah. Unfortunately you do.

If only I had gotten to the recording studio quicker that fateful day... :>

To Su: Missing me? :> Sometime next year.
joanne liyeng said…
i owe you nasi lemak.

remember that.
Fikri said…
With three pieces of ayam goreng. All breasts.

That I remember :>