everybody's dying.

the past week, uncle's mother died.
this morning,
my aunt died. my favourite aunt.
the four of them would enter our house,
with her holding a plastic container.
its a cake, that she baked
thats full of love.
she's no longer with us.
no more cake,
baked with love,
from Along Noridah

one by one,
returning to their landlord...

Suraya Jermadi (c) 2006, ntoxic8d

*This post was written by my sister on her blog on 9th July. It is about one of our favourite aunts, who passed away recently. I pray for your soul and for your family, Along. Though you are no longer in pain, you left us much too soon.

*Read Death Eater.


KL said…
Hey Fikri, sorry to hear about this :(. Hope you are doing fine and everyone in your family is doing fine.

Your sister has a blog, too? What's the name? I would really like to read it.
Fikri said…
We surviving :> Yeah, she has a blog. It's on the link at the bottom of the post, next to her name. If that doesn't work, then just click on Yaya's Sisterhood in my Windows of the World (right).
Miza said…
Hi Fik.. boy it has been quite some time since I visited here.. heard abt your Along Noridah.. I've something to give you on that note.. It's something I came across some time earlier.. I'll post it on my blog.. Hope you and your family are doing better now
Fikri said…
Thanks for dropping by, Miz. I'll gladly drop by your blog...if I could only remember the URL... :>