Q. Which German footballer has no winter equipment?

A. Tim Borowski.

*Iqbal Halim (c) 2006


KL said…
From where do you get all these ideas, man? LOL - very funny indeed :):):)
Fikri said…
That one was thought up by my friend Iqbal. We have this game where we think up of the reasons why footballer are so named. The best one I came up with thus far was "Who is the cleanest manager at the World Cup?"

Jurgen Klinsmann. :>
KL said…
Ah! LOL - that's funny too.
Anonymous said…
-Newsflash- your old Sweetheart taking a Graduate Certificate in Journalism soon...i just heard...awwwwwww.
Anonymous said…
Well hello there, Your Royal Lameness. How do you do?
Anonymous said…
Well hello there, Your Royal Lameness. How do you do?
Eddie G. said…
This just in!

Pop sensation Sophie Ellis Baxtor was found dead upon visiting the hotel in which the French National Football team had resided during the FIFA 2006 Germany World Cup. Multiple headbutt wounds were found on the victims body, and police now believe that it was murder on Zidane's floor.

Hope you're having fun in Korea mate. I'm currently having a DotA session with Donald and co. :P
Told a hardcore football fan about this lame joke of yours and he went... 'Now that's what i call a pisser!!'

Hrmmm... i guess what he meant was noone had ever been THAT lame... i told him that he should meet up with you one day.

Unpredicatable Mortal
Fikri said…
To Michel Foucault: I was hers, but she wasn't mine :>

To Su: Am doing well. Currently depleting my fridge of its supply of kimchi. Must get a big, new jar of it soon. :>

To Eddie: Nice one, Guv. Had to read it twice to understand it, but brilliant. :>

To Mortal: Ah. Nice one. Widening my fanbase for me in the southern hemisphere, I see. :>