Impossible Is Nothing

Last week, I went to watch Mission Impossible 3. Despite not being particularly excited by the trailers and teasers (watching them, you wouldn't know what the story is really about. Except that Tom Cruise is unbreakable, but you know that going in), I was glad to get to it, marking the end of a week long movie festival that is high on substance, but usually low on style.

And guns. And explosions. And girls. And gadgets. want to watch a movie with good actors, a compelling storyline, and a sense of cinematography that takes your breath away.

At other just want to watch people get their heads blown off.

That time was last Friday. So no one actually gets their head blown off, but there were more than enough style and panache to keep me company.

Another reason why I went to watch it is not just for the sake of watching it. My friend and I watched it at the end of the Jeonju International Film Festival, and as the end of the festival.

For me, however, Mission Impossible is more than just an end.

It is the beginning. The beginning to the summer season. The beginning to big budget, mindless fun kind of movies. The X Men and the Superman Returns and the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and Click and The Fast and the Furious 3 and The Da Vinci Code and Miami Vice and World Trade Center and...

...well, I think you get the point.

So, Mission Impossible is OK at best.

But that's OK.

It's not what I'm looking for.


The Cat said…
I thought you were high on mush quotient. "Nobody Knows" amd stuff like that.
MI. Hmm.. I saw MI-2 at a very local cinema hall in Singapore. And that was when I fell in love with Tom Cruise. Sadly, it was the only time I fell in love with Tom Cruise.
Now, he pisses me off with a very, very disconcerting smile. Okay, Vanilla Sky was alright. Top Gun, okay.
But, pray tell me, why does he have to smile so much?
I liked Collateral. Only because he doesnt smile.
Fikri said…
I think that the boy can act certain roles well. His role in Born on the 4th of July could very well be his most accomplished. But I think he's quite enjoying being the international superstar that he is.

His smile? Hmm...I thought that girls like his smile. I guess not all girls :> Why does he have to smile so much? He's got a lot of things to smile about. Tonnes of money, a beautiful wife, and a new kid.

I'd be smiling my ass off :>
Fikri said…
And I can be high on the mush quotient. Very high. But there's not point if "Nobody Knows" about it :> Ho ho.
The Cat said…
Ah. I liked that 4th July movie. How could I have forgotten?
Yes, yea, new wife, new kid. All the more reasons to smile. hm.
And you are very lame, your highness.
The Cat said…
are you online?

show yourself, bugger!


We can discuss cruise then.
dont accept this comment fer blog, ofcors.
Fikri said…
Ah, oops. I had instinctively and automatically accepted your comment.

I guess I was on Cruise control :> Sorry.
you watched it already!!waaaa (sobs)
The Cat said…

You'll never stop being lame.
Fikri said…
To MPS: Meann hamneeda (I'm sorry). Didn't know you wanted to watch it. Would have waited until next year otherwise :>

To Aaki: You're right, I can't stop being lame. Or rather, I can't stop being me. Lameness is just one side. I don't have many chances to show my other sides to you. :>
The Cat said…
I know MANY MORE sides of you.
//I don't have many chances to show my other sides to you. :> //
Yea, right, Anakin.