Heroine of the Day: Joanna Lee

A lot of people say a lot of things.

A lot. Of People. And a lot. Of things.

They may say those things for effect, or for fun. Or even, sometimes, for nothing at all. They may say it because they think the occasions fits it, even if it's not true. Or they may say it regardless of the occasion, or its truth.

Rarely do people show it.

Show what?

Well, show what it means. Back it up. Make a stand. Say that "You're a good friend, and I appreciate you," and then show that they appreciate it.

That's not to say that they're not good friends, or that they never mean what they say. Not at all.

But when someone does show it, when someone does go the extra mile...

...well, that shows something. It touches my heart, and warms me no end.

Joanna Lee did that. She went the extra mile. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to watch X Men until mid June, she decided not to watch it until then. By choice. It doesn't matter that there may be other reasons for her to hold it off, she says that I'm a part of that reasoning. And I believe her.

Because she has shown me that she deserves to be believed.

Now I know that when I make the Last Stand, I won't be standing alone.

Thank you, Jo. I appreciate it.

And that, I do mean.


Anonymous said…
that means that now, fikri, you owe joanna bananas and iced lemon tea.

Fikri said…
Eh? Why? :>
Jo Jo Bumps said…
thank you so my for the post fik , its just a simple gesture only ... i din know something so small can mean so much ...

thank you , wat u did , touched me heart too
Fikri said…
You're welcome. But pray tell...why do I owe you ice lemon tea and bananas?

Jo Jo Bumps said…
umm i also dun know . i love ice lemon tea and they do call me banana .

not too sure why u owe me la ... maybe it cos i waited for u to watch X-men ... :)
Fikri said…
Hmm. So much for the whole 'going the extra mile' thing. :>
KL said…
Hiya Fikri, where is your movie, man? I need to watch it. :). Are you still in Korea?

Ah! I thought it was a sweet romantic gesture, but from the comments here, don't seem like that. Oh Well, then - it's a sweet friendship gesture :):).

But a nice thought-provoking one.
Fikri said…
My movie is around somewhere :> Will mail you about it.

"A gesture need not be romantic to be sweet." - Fikri Jermadi. :>
lee wei said…
there you go making up your own quotes again.

Fikri said…
Gah. I can't be bothered to go around looking for quotes anymore. When I'm famous, people will quote me.

And all will be lame. Mwahahahahahah!!! :>