Death Eater

Why are we afraid of death?

We know that it's coming, sooner or later. In some cases, sooner rather than later. Mortality is one of the few certainties of life. Ironic, I think, that the only thing you can be certain about in life is that it will itself end.

But why are we afraid of it?

I feel that death in itself is a mirror, for mortality forces us to confront both ourselves and those around us. The unfulfilled dreams, the wanting relationships, the lack of connectivity and life that probably should have been done years and years before. Death not only tells us, but shows us in the worst ways possible that we, as human beings, as friends, brother, son...

...have failed. Whether we actually have or not is probably another story, but the feeling of being able to do more hits hard.

I don't know whether that's why you are probably afraid of it. I don't know it at all. But I know this much.

Until my dying day, when I myself will pass on, and my soul will depart from this realm of mortals, of the certainty of life and its own end...

...I will always feel that I should have done more.


Eddie G. said…
Spot on, my friend. Spot on!
Anonymous said…
[something random] i read mr. A-Z's journal often. think u should give it a go too :) his writing sometimes reminds me of you, the humour part i guess. im still not dure. *scratches head*

but do check it out. he's a funny dude.

Fikri said…
To Eddie: I wish it isn't.

To Yaya: Thanks Jason. :>