Revenge of the Susanna

I got tagged by my friend Susanna of Veritas Project. Basically I have to write of five weird habits about myself. Believe it or not, I actually had to have a little think about this, given that what is weird to others may not be weird to me. After some thought, here is my list.

1) I have to wet my hands before I eat. This is especially so when I eat with them (which is quite often). Even if I'm using utensils, it's something I have to do. Why? I don't really know.

2) I don't like to swallow seeds. Apple seeds, watermelon seeds, orange seeds, the lot. It's partly because I don't want to be a seedy guy (ho ho), but more to do with the fact that when I'm young, my grandmother told me that if I eat the seeds, there would be trees and plants growing inside my stomach.

3) I have to drink at least two glasses of water in a row (when I do drink water). For some reason, one is not enough. In particular, I have a full glass of water before I have a meal. I read from an interview with a rugby player that it's a good way to keep yourself from getting dehydrated.

4) I ask questions like "Why is real estate management called real estate management? Is there such a thing as fake estate management?", which I consider to be a good way of digging at the things which we take for granted, the things people don't really think about, but which others consider as stupid.

5) I am lame. I don't think it's weird, actually, but I ran out of habits. And others would classify it as weird.

OK. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said…
plants growing in your stomach?
I thought it should be coming out from your head...
Anonymous said…
My mom used to tell me the same thing about the seeds growing inside of me. And it actually made sense to me as a kid. I told myself I had access to everything that plants needed to grow: I drank water, always played outside in the sun and as for soil, well I figured that the dust particles in the air that I breathed in might double as soil (ha ha). I was a silly kid.

Well hey, just dropped by to say hello (Btw, we have the same blog template).

And hey, since you’re so lame, here’s a lame joke for ya (maybe you heard it already?)

What do you call a Spanish man who lost his car?

Car-lost (i.e. Carlos)

ha ha ha….what?? It was funny when I heard it =)

Lame…but funny =)
Fikri said…
To Coco Panda: I guess if it goes to my head, it will be :>

To Anon: The same here. I was a gullible kid :> As for the joke, technically it applies to any Latino, but it works regardless. Very lame, and very funny :>

I would check out your blog, if only you leave me a URL I could click on... :>
joanne liyeng said…
Once a Fikri, always a Fikri.

should I call your legion of fans Fikster?

i mean, merging Fikri and Friendster...

gosh. what am I doing here?
Anonymous said…
You did it! You actually did it!

Wow! Yay! :)

I am very happy... hehe...
Fikri said…
To Anne-Jo: Now there's an idea... :> And you are here because the lameness within you seeks the lameness without.

So there :>

To Su: You sound suprised. I told you that I would do it, didn't I? :>