Galaxy: The Journey

Jayken sat quietly, resting his chin upon his fist as his thoughts travelled a million miles away, his eyes travelling the length of the universe further than the sparkly stars before him. His legs crossed, the marking demeanour of an important man, in a rush, ready to spring off the seat at a moment's notice.

Outside the transparisteel window, the Vole loomed into view, a carrier he was once attached to. Now, under the treaty laws, more and more of the old warriors fell into disuse. He winced as he saw a floater mech blazed a section of the Vole, blue sparks fading immediately into space. Last Tristan told him, the Vole is to be patched up and used as a training academy of sorts.

How the mighty have fallen, thought Jayken. Times up.

Right now, that moment is a while yet. Right now, he's just taking in the view outside.

"More water, sir?" He jerked his head, his thoughts broken by the pretty blonde waitress, ready to pour more water into his glass, even though it's not even half finished.

"Yes...yes, thank you." The girl smiled, and with a slow, deft flick of her wrist, she positioned the jug above the glass, and then slowly poured the water in. The light from the stars reflected themselves in microscopic fashion as the water splashed inside, tinkling against the unmelted ice cubes, before settling in as the glass was filled almost to the brim.

A stray strand of her golden hair worked loose. With her free hand, she quickly flicked it behind her ear. Jayken froze.

The way she did it reminded him so much of Jo. He silently shook his head, trying not to think of her, and failing spectacularly.

The girl stood straight, briefly flashing her smile. Jayken flashed his in return, quietly thanking her again with a curt nod of his head as she moved out of the cabin. He leaned back against the seat, and looked out the window once again.


Before long, the shuttle approached the Victory class carrier. It has been too long. But now he can't put it off any further.

The time has come.

Jayken stood up and left the compartment, his drink untouched.

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