The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

It's been a bad day. I care not to recount what happened today, but rest's been a bad day, even by my standards.

I drove back from university, forcing my way through the rain. The conditions were treacherous, the water seemingly intent on making life as miserable as possible for me. The wind howls their approval, nodding their silent and evil grins, before barking up into a laughter filled with menace.

I grimaced, hardening my face, and drove on, reaching the toll on the Kesas highway, which greets hello to Bukit Jalil and beyond, waving goodbye to Sunway and yesterday, today, any day.

"Selamat malam, abang," (Good evening, brother) greeted the man at the toll booth as he took my green buck.

"Er, selamat malam," I replied, somewhat taken aback. Toll operators tend not to be so forthcoming with their thank yous for my money, let alone be friendly.

"Balik daripada kerja?" he asked, wondering whether I came back from work, all the while expertly handling my change at the cash register.

"Tidak. Saya daripada kolej." I told him ("I'm coming back from college.").

"OK," he said, stripping away my receipt, before handing it and the change back to me. "OK, terima kasih, abang. Selamat malam!" he thanked me, bidding me a good night.

I said my thank yous in return, and drove off slowly, as quickly as a wide smile formed at my mouth.

The rain kept pouring, ever harder as it smashed against my windscreen.

But life is good.



The Cat said…
Fikri, youre a beauuuuutiful storyteller. I use this word time and again, but cant think of a word more apt than that :D
joanne liyeng said…
So Fikri... was the toll operator cute?
Fikri said…
To Aaki: Thanks babe :>

To Jo: Not as cute as me :>