On the television, the news program showed highlights from last year’s tsunami, graphic images of people’s homes and lives being washed away by storms and floods, the will of Mother Nature.

“Don’t worry Grandma, I’m not going to be gone for long.”

My grandmother cried silently, the vain attempts to hold back her tears all but dissipated in the heat of the moment. “We are all that we have now,” she sobbed. “Don’t ever forget that.”

“Grandma, now I’m starting to cry…”

She held on even tighter, the embrace ever longer.

"The tsunami disaster last year brought home to people the realization of the power of God, as it took away the homes of others," the voice of the news announcer blared from the television. "We will not forget…"

“Grandma, I have to go now.”

She didn’t say anything, merely hanging on, before sobbing even louder. My little sister looked on, unsure of how to react, though I could tell by the look in her eye that she has already decided.


She half opened her mouth, and I half expected her to wail. Instead, she sighed, giving me only half of that which I had half expected.

On the outside, I was gamely hanging on, though a tear crept its way down my cheek.

Inside however, I was crying a thousand rivers, my heart screaming the silent screams that no one will ever hear.


The Cat said…
A very jaded comment, but you've done it again. You've actually made me feel the post. :) Beautiful..
Anonymous said…
*sigh* will i ever be able to write like u can?
Fikri said…
To Aaki: Thanks, babe. The aim is for people to get something out of it, and I hope that you got that :> Jaded comment? I'd go more with vague... :>

To some girl: You must be some girl :> I take that as a compliment, but the art is acquired. Will you write like me? Aim higher :>
Anonymous said…
hey, as what i have said, i will leave you a msg...
Fikri said…
To the other girl: That's...great :> Kidding. Thanks.
Eddie G. said…
Happy new year, mate. Thanks for the comment, never lacking in wit as always, on my blog. Speaking of fish, I see you have reeled yourself a following eh? :)

"Lv lng nd prspr!" so sayeth the Vowelless Knights of the Northern Tower
-Might and Magic V
Darkside of Xeen
Fikri said…
Cheers, though it seems as though there's a capital I in of the second word. Unless you're trying to say "levelling", which makes less sense, but not no sense at all :>
Eddie G. said…
Aye, but they are Vowelless, and hence a to put an I there would result in Capital Punishment

Lameness aside, I was trying to say "Live long and prosper" :)

Levelling makes sense too. But the rest of the world will be none the wiser.

Not that they had much to begin with anyway ;)
Fikri said…
Indeed :> Well I had to say something, didn't I?

Well, no, not really. It's just that everytime I do, it will be one more comment, and I will seem ever the more popular. :> MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'll stop now.
joanne liyeng said…
oh do comments make you seem popular? that would make me one heck of an unpopular person *sobs*

will this one more comment make you seem more popular??
Fikri said…
Popularity is an illusion, Jo. What is important is what lies beneath, the beauty that lies inside of us, and the love people have for us.

And from your blog, I can see that you are very much loved :>