No Ledge

You think you know.

You thought that there is little need for any more. That things are settled, that you are comfortable, alive, and well. Safe in the knowledge that...

...well, whatever it is.

You thought that you could turn to find, not having to look and be left hanging by the ledge. With nothing but a 50 ft drop ahead of you...and nothing behind you.

You turn, looked around, frantically searching for something that you thought had been there in the first place. A rope, a lifeline, a goodbye...anything.

Then suddenly it hits you. You don't see it coming out from the darkness, but you try to block it. It blocks you in return. A jab to the face, a hook to the heart, moments before it lies on its deathbed, slowly suffering in the blood of its own making.

You think you know.

But you have no fucking idea.


Eddie G. said…
whatever the case, friends stick with each other. i won't be able to exactly know what you're going through. But you have my support. All the way.

See you at the end of the tunnel, mate. Not too far off now!

Cheryl said…
*beep* ;p
Leanne said…
hullo fikri. nope. no idea. this is eddie's idea. is he coooool? all the way.
Eddie G. said…
Aww.. I hate to take all the credit for this. but yup. it was my idea. muahahahha.

But of course, leanne was my inspiration. as always ;)
wazzo said…
damn your blog is good.

i feel selfish saying, 'update already!!'

Fikri said…
To Eddie: Cheers.

To Cheryl: Beep indeed.

To Leanne: Is Eddie cool? Well, I naturally think that I'm cooler, but no matter :>

To Nazurah: Thanks for the ego booster :>