Rebel Billionaire

There are 6 billion people in the world.

6. Billion. People.

And only one of you.

Which is great. You're one out of 6 billion. You're unique,

But what's the point of being special, of being you...

...if you can't be seen amongst the 6 billion?


Superratty@TMY said…
climb mount everest
Anonymous said…
you can look at the mirror anytime you want.
Anonymous said…
why do you need 6 billion people to see you, when THE ONE already does.
Fikri said…
To TMY: Though Everest is the tallest mountain, it is not the most difficult. I can't remember what the name is, but given that I'm having trouble at the Summit climbing gym as it is, I shouldn't really bother... :>

To Anon: I would have, except that it cracked a while back :>

To Aiyoh: Perhaps THE ONE has yet to cast a knowing glance in this direction :>