40 Days and 40 Nights Ain't That Tough...

I had thought of entitling this piece ‘How To Remain A Virgin’ and just put a picture of my face here.

But Meng Yoe wants at least 300 words, and since he doesn’t buy the ‘picture-paints-a-thousand-words’ business, I have to come up with 300.

In fact, I think I’ll give him ‘40 Days and 40 Nights.’ Josh Hartnett plays a character who is not supposed to do the dirty during the forty days and nights of Lent. Of course, it is during this time that he meets ‘the love of his life’, and starts to have trouble keeping his dick in his pants. To think that a movie like that gets approved.

Now, I’ve got nothing against Josh Hartnett. He’s not that great an actor, but he makes a good fist out of it. Plus, there are others who are worse and still make a decent living out of it, so good luck to him. Nor is it about the movie itself. I know it is nothing more than a money-making machine ($17 million parlayed into $36-odd million at the box office. And that’s just in the US).

No, my gripe against the movie is the ridiculous plot defies belief.

For my part, I can’t see why it’s so difficult to stay celibate for that period of time. Granted, despite the fact that I have indeed been compared to Bliss’ 3rd Sexiest Male (some people need to get their eyes checked), I don’t really look like him. I’m not exactly the hottest guy around (I’m the second hottest. But that’s not the point), so it’s easier to understand why it’s easier for me to stay celibate from the superficial point of view.

But what also drives me to stay celibate is the thought of my first time being with someone special. That first time with them will be probably be rubbish, or it will probably be the best I’ll ever do. But it will be special. It will only ever happen once, so I choose to wait.

Doing it for the sake of doing it, wanting to be popular, wanting to fit in, in the heat of the moment, because ‘we need sex’ seems…easy. Cheap.

Utterly meaningless.

40 Days and 40 Nights? Try 20 years (and counting)…

But then again, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

*Published in the April edition of Siren.


The Cat said…
Ah! Youre every Indian(or even Malay, or heck! any nationality!!:p) girl's dream come true! Very few people tend to feel that way nowadays..
umm.. thinking.. nicked that from a mag or YOU wrote it then? heh! I really dunno the scene.
confused as ever! :p
Fikri said…
Ahh, that's sweet, Aaki. Thanks :> I wrote it for an internally circulated newsletter at Monash University Malaysia...so the answer is yes to both. I wrote it AND I nicked it from a mag :>
Superratty@TMY said…
yes the then-editor speaking here.

i umm picked this piece because i wondered what a deprived virginal nerd would sound like. hrm. guess he sounds erm hmmm. virginal.

Fikri said…
I thought you picked the piece because it was funny, original and witty, not to mention that you don't have enough contributions. :>

Alas, I was mistaken...