Soul Reaver

No matter how hard you try to stop it, it happens.

You see it breaking, tearing around the edges, striving almost as if of its own will to break free of its invisible prison.

You see it outgrowing itself, that “it stopped being cool”, that it no longer mattered because it can stand on its own feet.

When you fight for something that has always been there, no matter how hard it is, you keep on fighting because of it. Because you know that in the end, no matter what happens, it will always be there.

What if it's no longer there?

You reach out with your hand, with your arms, with your whole body and soul. You try to keep it together, to stop it from breaking. But it slips through your fingers regardless, like the sands of time in a glass jar.

As if you’re not even there.

What do you do now?

How on earth do you fight for something that no longer exists?


eugene.kua said…
Well, I think the thing you fight for literally still exist. Other than that, it's fighting for a false hope, or something like that.

Anyway, thanks for tickling me with your wisdom again, it's nice. heh.

The anonymous before was me.

Yah, and I just linked you btw.
Superratty@TMY said…
don't fight lor
Anonymous said…
Why fight in the first place? Make lurve, not war...
Eddie G. said…
When fighting begins to amount to nothing more than trading ineffective blows, it doesn't mean that what you're fighting for no longer exists.

Somewhere, within the deep recesses of the minds of men, lies a Desire. A Desire to fight against all odds. A Desire to continue in a straight line despite knowing that a brick wall impedes your progress. A Desire to trade off every remaining ounce and shred of dignity and sanity for that illusionary moment of fleeting happiness.

To different people, that Desire can take different forms. But for me, I could never for my life have guessed that mine would be so damn beautiful.
Anonymous said…
We make things real through our beliefs. Our minds don't really know the difference and our souls just know of Experience.

Fighting is resistance... which causes friction... which leads to burning, itching and chaffing... and who really wants that?

Explore Acceptance and Forgiveness and Moving On. Flow like a river... that should sooth the fire.
Fikri said…
Well, I'm talking about something like a brotherhood, a union, an unspoken community of sorts. All this time I have fought to keep that alive, but now it is slowly disintegrating, and I don't know what to do anymore.

Perhaps I'm not meant to do anything. But I'm the sort of person who can't accept that. Which is why I'm the quandry that I am.

Such is life :>
Eddie G. said…
And choice is but an illusion.

Regardless, whatever is it that you do, do it well. And know ye that Eddie G. will proffer his support whenever, wherever, however.