Dear Turncoat,

How dare you.

How dare you go and do that to me. Despite all of that which I have done for you, you went and you did just that.

I find it difficult to swallow. I have trusted you, put my faith in you, believed in the good of you that shall always prevail.

There must have been times when I feel more letdown, but right now nothing jumps to mind.

Why didn't you do it? WHY?! I ask of you only one thing, ONE THING, and you don't even do that. And it's not even for me! I've never asked for me, only for others, and you don't. Do. Even. THAT.

Until now, I have never doubted your capabilities, but now perhaps therein lies the problem: you are not capable.

You don't do it because you simply can't.

Or perhaps there is simply no good in you.

I hate you.

The question now I do the same to you? Given that you've turned your back on me, should I return the favour and give you the cold shoulder? Like for like, eye for an eye?

I think not. Just like an eye for an eye makes the world blind, so shall my faith, my trust, and my belief in you return to where it was. Time will pass, and my hatred shall die, of that I have no doubt. I will forgive you, for it is within me to do so, even if such faith may ultimately be proven to be misplaced.

But mark my words.

I will never forget this.

Sincerely yours,



Laura said…
ooh yeah.... what you said...
Cheryl said…
Check this out n spread the word around..

KL said…
Uh! calm down. What happened? Hope everything turns out fine.
ermmm, i'm not feeling you right. Is there anything bothering you inside that you would like to bring it up to the surface so that i can lend you both ears for a long bruising? You can call me anytime ya know!