Thin Red Line

Where do you cross the line? The line between never forgetting the mistakes that you made and the lessons that you learnt, and not being able to let go?

Is there a difference between the two? Or are they just different ways to explain the same thing? One with good connotations, the other tainted with the bad?

Is there even a line there in the first place?


KL said…
Ah! this is a real deep question. Never thought about all these. I really need to think.

Let us know if you yourself come up with answers.
Superratty@TMY said…

I don't know about lines.

I just know that Sean Penn is very cool in when it comes to thin red lines.

Adrien Brody as well.

And Jim Caviezel.

Nick Nolte.


And whatshisname.

And Ben Chaplin.

have I mentioned Sean Penn?

Oh and Hans Zimmer had a role to play in the thin red lines as well.

Anonymous said…
hey fikri, you sound very bitter. um, peace!
Fikri said…
To KL: Thoughts of Wisdom, KL. That's what you come here for :> I've been thinking myself, and maybe I'll postulate it later, but right now I just want people's perspectives on it.

To TMY: And George Clooney. Don't forget John Travolta as well :>

To Sarah: Am not bitter. It's just something someone said to me that made me think about this a bit. That's all :>
Anonymous said…
Well, the truth is u realized ur mistakes but u just haven't learnt a lesson out of it...or maybe its the other way round..u just never put a line there in from the first day onwards..
I know u're hurt..
Fikri said…
To Anon: So what do you suggest would constitute learning from mistakes? Is it making sure that it doesn't happen again by not putting yourself in that position? Or is it simply the recognition that time and place is also a factor worth considering? That just because that's the way it's always been doesn't necessarily mean it's the way it will always be so?

And for fuck's sake, I can't write one thing about perceived negativeness on this site without people thinking that I'm hurt or I'm bitter. Bloody hell.
Anonymous said…
Har Har, Fikri!
Superratty@TMY said…
I don't think you're deprived or bitter.

I just think Sean Penn is blardy cool in the Thin Red Line.

And even if you're derprived or bitter, its your right, mate :)