Hero of the Day: Rupert Augustin

"Forgiveness is love in its most noble form"

If there was one person who could personify the phrase ' black sheep of the family' to its fullest extent, it would be the only man I will ever have unconditional love for, my father, Rupert Augustin.

Rupert is everything. The husband, the father. The friend, the foe. The serious, the joker. The night, the day, the rose, the torns. He was the 4th child in his family. When his parents seperated, his father took the 2nd and third child. His mother chose the eldest and the youngest boy to take with her. There was no space for Rupert.

30 years later, there is still no space for him. More often than not, he is not invited to family sinners or drinks, unless he is needed when they lack financial backings, or have no transport, mostly. My grandpa Stan would never tolerate this, but he's gone. And Rupert has learnt to stand on his own, just has he always has been.

It has been in times when the Christmas meals mean nothing as his family fights, that I have seen the essence of his heroism at the very best. He is often shouted at and is constantly subjected to their mental and emotional abuse. But he never fails to say at the end of the day, with all the spears of lies and deceit that impale him - ''She is still my mother'', ''He is still my brother'', ''I am still her son."

He rarely ever gets angry (contrary to the Augustins in general who have uncontrollable tempers, like moi), and when he does, he takes it upon himself. He has never once let his
children see the side of him, that many of us would deem as simply human.

He smiles at every opportunity possible, and calls me & my brother up from a million miles away just to tell us a joke, just so he knows he made our days a little brighter. Even at times when bleakness engulfs him. He just never fails to make me feel like life is worth living.

My dad, to me is the strongest person I have met. I am his daughter.

K.A. Augustin

* This was written by my friend. I was sitting around the M Lab, seeking inspiration, and asked her who she admires. "Elvis," she replied quickly.

"No," I said, thinking that he's too famous.


"Too common."

"My dad."

I stopped, intrigued by her answer. "Would you write about it?"

"Yeah, sure."


KL said…
I love that quote: Forgiveness is love in its best form.

Are you seriously telling that you've a friend who has a father like that? I thought those type of human beings only lives in our fantasy, fairy world - where everyone has good nature and characteristics. I never knew such human beings can exist in reality. Lessons to learn everyday and follow in such steps.
Fikri said…
Well, it is quite cool, isn't it? :> Yeah, I suppose that's how things are. I didn't know that either. But angels exist, my elementary KL. :>
Very touching to the heart, probably one day when i've torn down my walls of "pride" i too will write something like that..to my father. In fact i tihnk i'll do it for Father's Day.. I've given enough crap to my dad.
yongjue said…
hi,fikri!pls add a link to my blog...www.ttkk.tk,thanks!
Fikri said…
My Lady: We all have. In turn, they have also returned the favour. I know mine has :>

To Maxtan: I shall ponder that decision wonderfully :>
Eddie G. said…
Beautiful. Very, very beautiful.
Fikri said…
To Eddie: If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then I guess we're all holding the same eye :>

To The Mad Perseid: Yeah, it's kinda different, I agree. I suppose in this case, he may well be a black sheep, but his insides are very metaphorically white :> Thanks for leaving a mark.

To Vava: Yeah, well...K.A. is only good for one post :> Haha...just kidding. I think.
Anonymous said…
Heya, just passing through. I read it, all of it... & I must say that... I feel the same way about my dad. He is also someone I will always admire.

My dad hasn't had terrible family treatment like Ms. Augustin's dad has (& I so salute her for writing that lovely piece on her dad - pls convey that to her). But he does go thru alot as well, cos he's a church leader & church leaders go thru alot, juz like all leaders do.
gutsygal said…
love dis post! thx Kerry-Ann it was wonderfully sweet... ^_^
Fikri said…
To Susanna: If you want to write about your dad, then you're more than welcome to. The whole point of Hero of the Day is to just remind all of us (me included) of the people that makes this shitty life worth living.

In fact, the door is open to all of you. Doesn't have to be your dad. Can be pretty much anyone.

To Mushroom: Yes, she appreciates it. I keep telling her to write something in reply, but she kept putting it off :> So on her behalf, thank you.
Fikri said…
I forgot. If you wanna contribute, just send me an email to: thoughtsofwisdom@gmail.com
N said…
ms. augustin is clearly his daughter. for she's just as strong and amazingly beautiful to boot :)
Fikri said…