Forgive Me Father

Q. What do you call a sailor who's done horrible things?

A. Sinbad.


KL said…
Ha!ha! a funny one :)
Fikri said…
But of course :>
Eddie G. said…
Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side.

Why did the chicken cross again?

It was a double-crosser

Why did the chicken cross for the third time?

To get the New Straits Times

You don't get it?

Neither do I, I get The Star

Why did the chicken cross for the third time?
enn@j said…
Eddie G,

Q: why did the chicken crossed the road?

my answer: to get to the other side of the road

p/s: the question was a line my uni CF used to years ago for xmas in our posters, that's why it caught my eyes
Superratty@TMY said…
i am laughing so hard my breakfast is pouring out of my nose,mouth, ears, and ass all at the same time.
morning glory said…
couldnt he be a pirate?
Fikri said…
Two lines, one weekend = 6 or 7 odd comments. Nice.

To Eddie:

To Eva: I wrote the joke during the Lame Ban, so I didn't put it up then. Only now do I think the time was appropriate for it. Makes a nice change, for without difference there is no meaning.

To enn@j: Err...OK.

To TMY: My lord (bows head)

To Billy Boy: Could be