Clone Wars


This is Farish Hakim.

He is the only other person I know to be named after me.

People say he looks like me.

No suprises there, then.


KL said…
Now did you scold him Fikri? That's why he is looking with those large, beautiful eyes at the camera, but with a mixture of awe-and-don't scold me look? :)
Fikri said…
To Vava: Of course.

To KL: Yeah, I like scolding little kids, leaving them crying for their mommies :> Scampering little brats. He stepped on my balls once, which wasn't pleasant at all.

Wait a minute...did I just say that? :>
morning glory said…
i dont think he looks like you. he's more good looking for sure. :)
Anonymous said…
He's Gorgeous, Fikri.

Heartbreaker, this one.

Teach him to be a perfect gentleman, kay?

Thers's hope afterall, for our children...

unborn children... hahaha..

morning glory said…
you are weak to be forced by fikri, unless he threatened to sing a song? then maybe i can understand.. haha.
Fikri said…
To Sarah: Yeah, don't worry about that. I will. :>

To Puta: The mother's away for two weeks in Mekah right now. So I suppose, technically, you could. :>

To Bonkers: The Force is strong in me... :>

To William: The Force is still strong in me... :>