The Running Man

There was a point of time, when I would wake up early in the morning. Slightly before 6, I would clamber out of bed, suit up, and jog off.

I would go on doing this even I don't feel like it. Many are the mornings when the alarm clock would slap me into lame conciousness, faithfully ringing my bells. Back then, the alarm is a Bart Simpson product, which would hail me with its "Yo dude, wake up and get out of bed!"

And by reflex, I would press the snooze button, and turn over to nuzzle even deeper into my duvet.

"Yo dude, wake up and get out of bed!"

"Yo dude, wake up and get out of bed!"

Five minutes later, I would be out of the house, jogging. And walking. Then, inconceivable only ten minutes earlier, I would run.

That short burst of energy would leave me a spent force in no time. But still I do it.

I would soar spiritually as I was being continually drained. The more I run, the harder and faster I do so, the happier I become. A huge burden would unlift, itself out of breath.

Left behind.

That's why I love it.

I felt like I was running away from my problems.

Nowadays, I don't do much running. In fact, I don't do any. Time is of the essence. The debate club, COSTA, my assignments, my videos and my family are all taking on an increasingly high place in the list of priorities.

I'd bite off more than I could possibly chew, drowning myself in mountains of work. But I'd go on struggling, fighting, trying. I'd drain myself.

But that's OK.

In a sense, it feels as if I'm still running.


lee wei said…
strikes so true...
Fikri said…
Yeah. I need new shoes :>
Anonymous said…
I'm so not a morning person. I don't know how people clamber out of bed at five or six am, and go for a run, cycle, swim. That'd be such a shock to my system...
Fikri said…
To Daniel: That was a long time ago. Nowadays, I wouldn't get up even if you whip me. :> Well, I'll get up to whip you back, but then I'll go back to sleep...
Hey Fikri

Linora here...well i can see you're also in just as much stress as everyone else.

Don't worry so much bud, your priorities are all for the better.. looking at it ^_^. Enjoy the business of uni life when you get out you won't have it anymore.

As Sam would say it..
"I can't carry your burden, but i can carry you."

I'm not meaning it literally. BUt look on the bright side of it all, you have people to take business off your mind and yes i'm having too much Lord Of The Rings in my head =P