Of Life And Oranges

Everybody thinks their story is most tragic. I am no different.

Jeannette, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

I stand atop Mount Faber, looking out into the vast, dark expanse that is Singapore. I'm told that it is the highest point of the island.

It's beautiful at night. During the day, it becomes like any other Asian city. Busy and plentiful, though relatively clean.

But at night...

At night it would light up, its inhabitants asleep, resting for what tomorrow may bring them. Tonight, I bear them no grudges.

Tonight I marvel.

I look at the flickering lights in the distance, rows of little orange beans lighting up the entire island.

"There is no part of Singapore that is dark," said my friend who was also my host. "Everywhere you look there is light."

And then God said, let there be light. I can't remember which day that was supposed to be.

No matter.

I look at their life, and realise that it is only and exactly that. Their life. So much more to this world than our own. Their tears, their pain, their frustration, their anger, their love, their joy.

Their home.

It's wonderful.

I bid them a slow goodnight, letting it drift into the etherness of the never ending night.


KL said…
Woow! I like it. Very thought provoking. Indeed there is so much to see in this world. We've our friends, fellow beings through whom also we can see the world. And, then hopefully we will stop whinning and complaining.
Anonymous said…
Staying awake while the others sleep, gives us a glipse of World Peace.

Thanks for sharing your vision.
Anonymous said…
eh.. wat you talking about la dey? - zoool
Fikri said…
To KL: With your kind comments every time, you're slowly evolving into one of my biggest fans :> Which is nice.

To Gurustu: I wouldn't know about world peace, but it was a satisfying exprience all the same.

To Zooool: To be honest, I'm not sure. I had such thoughts when we went there, and I tried to put it down. This is the end result, and I think it sounds nice. I especially like the ending, even if dictionary.com claims that there is no such thing as 'etherness' :> But it feels right all the same. Plus, two good comments on a post about Singapore. You really shouldn't be complaining... :>
KL said…
Yep, it's my duty to read all the good blogs and leave comments so that my encouragement make those people write more. Then, one day they can take whatever they've written on their blogs and give some touch-up and publish it as a novel, or a series of essays, etc :):):).

But, don't forget to share the royalty then :P:P:P..
Hehhe even you can't run away from Jeanette's words... i see she has then indeed made an impression... sigh hence she is made to be studied by suffering students such as us.
Anonymous said…
I was told Bukit Timah is the highest point, but who knows...

Mt Faber is fabulous though. I know this is not the point, but i'm purposely missing it :p
Fikri said…
To KL: I won't be sharing the royalty with you because I'm not royal. :> Ho ho.

To my Lady Aronil: It is the most striking of all the statements in 'Oranges'. Certainly made me think more than usual :>

To Daniel: I've never been to Bukit Timah. Funnily enough, I was reading about it a couple of minutes ago in one of my subject readings. Apparently it's rather historical...
Eddie G. said…
A quote that I picked up from somewhere, and it's uber true. "Are we truly afraid of the dark, or are we afraid of what's lurking there, waiting to be exposed".

I'm not saying this with reference to anything in particular, mind. I just thought it's a wicked quote, and how, in each and every of our lives, it's so blazing true...

Mount Faber, Mount Faber.

"These vagabond shoes are longing to stray" - Frank Sinatra
Fikri said…
To Eddie: "Right through the very heart of it, S'pore...S'pore..."