Love Actually...


KL said…
Wow! what a cryptic post, Fikri :)! Love actually what?? - Creates pain, broken hearts? Push a human being to achieve the impossible? Lifts the mind, body, soul to somewhere beyond the description of words? Unites the worlds? .......................??????????
The Cat said…
love actually.. ha! love actually is a farce. Noone loves anyone ACTUALLY, its just a mind game. You THINK you do, and then one day you wake up and find that theres nothing left. Cause maybe you find that theres nothing LEFT for you in it. That is, you cant extract anything out of the other person anymore. People are such selfish beings. Learnt from bitter experience mon friend. Love actually is a farce...
btw loved ur 'timeless' pc. posted a comment there..
Actually i quite disagree with that. Love displayed by alot has already distorted the true meaning of love. Nothin shown in media if you ask me personal can be true love. What i do see as true love is when someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for you, humble Himself, destroy His very being jsut to save you... that is love... i might not be giving full deifnitions here but I'll just say shortly.. Love is God... God is Love itself. Do discuss more ^_^
Not everything about love in the world is farce... ^_^
Anonymous said…
Heya Fikri...this is to let you know that I've crossed over to your corner of the world! :) (Actually I've visited your blog before...but only as a silent observer.. *grins*)

Love?! Love ACTUALLY?!

Let me give you my definition of love:

"Love is faith in another at your own risk."

If you wanna, you could visit my blog too ;). Click on my name as is found at the top of this post.

Take care friend.
vava said…
Unconditional is love entend to encompass everyone.

Dear aaki,love is not a farce. U cannot learn the meaning of love through the experience of ur friend.People who said they no longer on the quest of love is the one needing it most.What u r saying is love of a certain boundaries,that love is selfish therefore it makes one unhappy bcos u expect a certain something out from it.

Dear Linora,i think perhaps love does not start from loving God. It starts from loving yourself, then to those around u.n then to those that does not relates 2 u.this is the hardest because there are certain people that even we tried our hardest we STILL CAN'T like them.

i remember a quote i once heard: if u like a person,everytime u meet up,treat the gathering as if it is the 1st time.N if u do-not-so-like a person,meet he/she everytime like that is the last time u would be seeing him/her.

Love just there.
Anonymous said…
That reminds me of a friend of mine. He had "love" as a link on his website that went to a blank page. People called him a genius, cause "love is what you make it." He finally admitted he couldn't think of anything, so he just left it. :-)
morning glory said…
love actually is a funny film.