Hero of the Day: Fazly Jermadi

Every time I come home, he is there. Waiting, for something that he and only he knows.

He lies there, cross legged, on his sides, in front of the television. His fingers would be dwindling strips of newspaper, leaving a mess everywhere. I'd lean down and rustle his curly hair. He would look up, at me, through me, straight in the eye. Squints, almost as if he recognises me, then looks away.

I'll never know if he did recognise me.

I'll never know what my brother really thinks of me.

Fazly Jermadi is an autistic. He was diagnosed with autism when he was six months old. There are several definitions for autism, but I've always defined it as something that affects how you interact with others.

I write about him because he made me realise how difficult life can be for someone who is disabled or living with a disabled. He made me realise how difficult life can be.

I look at him and wonder how difficult it is to be him.

He reminds me that I have been given the chance to live, to lead a 'normal' life. It is a chance he will never have.

And because of that, I will never forget how lucky I am.

How lucky we all are.

And my brother goes on.



Fikri said…
Last night he came up to my room and just sat there as I went to sleep. That was cool. :>
gutsygal said…
but without ppl like him we will never leanr how to appreciate n reflect how lucky we are... ur bro is so cute...^_^
Anonymous said…
and theres one more thing you should remember everytime you look at your brother. in front of you, is someone whose path to heaven in paved before him. theres no one that has ever lived in this world can safely say that paradise awaits him but there, in your house, in your care, is someone who has that very right. its whether you're blind enough not to see it. if anything, you're the luckiest person i know fikri.
Fikri said…
Yeah, my mum told me that his place in heaven is booked. She said we should take care of him so that he can vouch for us in the afterlife :>
Anonymous said…
I believe your bro do recognise you. When you mention that he came into the room and watch you to sleep, it seems to me that he is tucking you to bed in his own ways :D
Anonymous said…
happy are those who cannot see but believe.

he inspires me. what u just said, echoed it.